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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Come to the Dark Side...

Haha, victory is mine!

"So, with all this said, am I finally willing to admit that this is a blog? Well, damn it, I suppose so."

Yes, yes, I am not above gloating and cackling with glee as I rub my fiendish hands together and drink a bottle of victory champagne with the Aggro Me Ninja Death Squad. Wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Moorgard's new, ahem, blog,
Moorgard.com. Well, it's only new in the sense that it is no longer part of the official EQII forums but rather an independent site.

Why am I gloating? Back when I was first starting this blog in March, Moorgard took a potshot at blogs in his first Moorhunter post. And even though I knew where he was coming from - I get annoyed by ridiculous terms like "blogosphere" and "bloggerati" as much as the next person, I took umbrage and was maybe a wee bit defensive about this medium. Anyway, I posted this
little rant.

So, now that Moorgard is officially blogging, score one for Aggro!

Well, the truth is that I said I was a Moorgard fan even in that first post. And as I read more and more of his posts on the forums, my respect grew. When I read the dev posts, aside from considering the game design arguments they make, I always look at the writing quality. That's just the way I am. And Moorgard is a heck of a writer (he even writes haikus as seen in
this Aggro Me Friday Humor post). I wrote this little salute to him here when he moved to full time game design.

Luckily, Blackguard is an excellent writer as well and is doing a great job at the other aspects of the Community Manager job.

But I'm glad to see Moorgard keeping up his Moorhunter tradition. I think it was a good move to separate it from the official forums. It just reads a lot easier on the new site. The site design is a nice clean look. I also like the new look of the official forums, by the way. Great decision there and good execution.

Moorgard.com now appears on my link list to the right (which also happens to be my daily reading list). Welcome to the family. Now update more.


Blogger Zygwen said...

I would hope that Moorgard can write, he is an english major afterall. The real test will be can he regularly update his blog.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Matt W. said...

updating is overrated!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

















12:54 PM  
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