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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Slightly Off-Topic: SOE's Untold Legends II

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Okay, this is a little off-topic, but it does involve SOE. I wanted to talk a bit about their upcoming PSP game Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code. I actually liked their first Untold Legends game quite a bit. It sold very well but reviews were pretty mixed. You can read my mini-review in this old post. It may be of interest to Everquest fans that some of the people who worked on EQ are working on this game. For example, Bill Trost, who my Everquest Companion book says was a major part of the Everquest team, is the Lead Designer for Untold Legends.

The game is sounding like it's shaping up well. But I did want to poke some fun at an interview done by RPG Vault with some of the people working on the game. All the things that say Actual before them are, um, the actual quotes from the articles. The stuff in italics is just my made up nonsense.

Actual Question: "To what extent are the game and world in which it takes place structured so as to permit open-ended exploration and play?"

Correct Answer: "Well, we know gamers love open-ended games. With the success of games like Grand Theft Auto and even Everquest, it's clear that linear play style is not the way to go. Between storyline quests, players can do fun little side-quests, fight monsters, rescue citizens or just explore!"

Actual Answer: "Unlike Brotherhood of the Blade, the structure of the world in The Warrior's Code is not open-ended...The quests and objectives in each chapter have been designed to be completed in a linear fashion."

Fake Question: "Oh. Please describe the setting of the game using the most tired fantasy cliche imaginable."

Actual Answer: "The players' adventures lead them to uncover the existence of the last surviving heir of the rightful dynasty, an 18 year-old boy who has been safeguarded by an ancient order of monks since the dawn of the invasion. This revelation gives the players hope that they may save their people and the kingdom from the tyranny of the false Emperor."

Fake Question: "That will do nicely. People like challenges. Will combat be challenging?"

Actual Answer: "I think our focus on fun over challenge suits our portable platform well. People play handheld games out in the world, with tons of external distractions as a fun time killer. The last thing we want to do is frustrate them."

Fake Question: "Could you tell me something the character selection and also misuse a word?"

Actual Answer: "Player characters are chosen at the start of any new game. The menu offers a brief descriptive write-up regarding the character's combative styles, weaponry and personality flares."

Fake Question: "Thank you! That use of the word 'flare' will do nicely. Have you done anything to appeal to the furry market with this game?"

Actual Answer: "In addition to the weapon-specific player classes, we have also added a new feature, the alternate beast form...Every class has its own unique beast form that has been designed from both the art and design standpoint to maintain the same unique and distinct flare between each of the player characters."

Fake Question: "Wow, you like the word flare - have you been watching Office Space? Could you tell us how you've preserved the unique look of the first Untold Legends to give a sense of continuity?"

Actual Answer: "Every zone in The Warrior's Code is distinct and unique to the sequel, meaning that there will be no crossover zones or looks between the two Untold Legends games. The reason for this was to support the intricate story arch that we've developed for this installment of the Untold Legends franchise."

Fake Question: "Most people would say story arc but arch is acceptable so I'm going to let you slide."

Alright, I was just having some fun. The game honestly sounds great and I'm definitely going to be picking it up when it comes out. If you have a PSP be sure to read more about this one and see if it is your thing.

On a quick EQII note, LU 18 will apparently fix my biggest broker complaint, food and drink filtering. Very nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For example, Bill Trost, who my Everquest Companion book says was a major part of the Everquest team

Uhm, yup, you can kinda say that. He co-created the game and was lead designer for the original EQ.

Interview here: http://eqlive.station.sony.com/community/articles.jsp


- Melime
SK of Unrest, EQII

9:59 PM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Heh, thanks, I'm not as up on my EQ history as I should be. I'll try to rectify that.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude. . .
I spent waaaayyy too much time at google fight, but thank you for I was board. Also I got to see who would win the fight between Mr. Hankey and Mr. Towelie. I knew Towelie was going to get the *&#$! beat out of him.

Coercer of. . . of...
what server am I on now?
Oh yeah ButchersBlock

4:54 PM  
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