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Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, I covered Test Update 19A in a two-parter last week and now 19B has rolled around.

The main portion of it is really the new character progression which I have
discussed previously. I will comment on how I think it turned out once I spend some more time going through it. But I would like to note one item in the new character progression notes:

Racial Quest Paths
- Upon leaving the island and arriving in your home village or district, you will begin a new series of quests designed specifically for your race.
- These quests will provide a greater understanding of your race's history and how it fits into the fabric of your home city.

I think that's really cool. I always felt that race didn't mean a whole lot in EQII except for your starting stats and visual look. The idea of racially specific content is a great one. It draws you more into the EQII world, let's you enjoy different content if you have an alt of a different race and adds a feeling of diversity. I can't wait to check it out.

If you don't want to wait for my first-hand report, which may be a while, I recommend either the
official testing feedback forum or this two part report on Ten Ton Hammer (while you're there also check out the interview with the person who created an EQII themed beer - how cool is that?). Also, it is briefly reviewed (quite positively) on the latest EQ2-Daily podcast.

- A message is now broadcast to the entire server when a guild reaches level 10, 20, 30, or 40.

Very cool. When my guild hit level 30 back in July,
I said, "a server wide message would have been nice." Gaining guild levels is a nice accomplishment in EQII. It really takes teamwork and is something the whole guild can share in and enjoy. So it's nice to have that accomplishment recognized.

- You can now access your house vault from any house via a new right click menu option on the interior door and market board. Yes, this means you can open up your vault from a friend's house that you're allowed to sell from!

Damn you SOE. I had already started writing a post about shared housing issues and you beat me to the punch. I really think this is awesome for people who share housing space (and I know there are a lot). I also see it as a substantial step on the road to official guild housing.

- Health, power, and resists have been added to the dropdown in the Broker search window.

I almost missed seeing this note but I am pretty happy about it. Just the other night I was trying to get some additional resist gear for raiding on the broker. But I got frustrated with looking through random items and gave up. Now I will be able to accomplish my goals with ease. Will this work for potions? The potion names are kind of irrelevant and I would like an easier way to grab some heat resist (or whatever kind of resist I'm looking for that night) potions.

I think it's a nice second part to an already great Update.


Blogger Twodragons said...

Agree, this and 19a are looking to be good common-sense fixes, and not something to make the game easier (a LU tradition).

Character Progression
Much needed. Although it was a neat idea at the beginning for people to slowly "realize" what they want to be, it just took too long to realize a class's potential. For some people, 1-20 is a significant time investment. Now, we will know right from the start what it's like.

New Tutorial Islands
Makes sense to have a richer, more focused starting place. I liked the initial boat ride when starting, just because it was unique. I'll miss her lofty sails and smoldering focsle. I may just roll up a new toon to experience the new content. My 13 Shaman has not seen much action...

Racial Quests
I like it! Can't wait to learn the history of why my Erudite head is so shiny. Hopefully there will be more of these in the future that may even reward a race-specific item or gear.

Was interesting but a bit annoying. Seems to be replaced by the Racial Quests. Although I do feel the original quest was yet another facet of the game to add flavor.

City Betrayal
Now we can betray at any level? Don't tempt me so! ...must...resist...temptation...

Always hated standing at the writ-giver doing accept-delete, accept-delete until I got the one I needed. I would notice many others also standing there for long periods, obviously doing the same thing.

I always wondered why adventurers don't get a exp bonus for the "first-kill" of a mob, the way crafters get an exp bonus for "first-pristine" craft. Otherwise, not a big deal. Just more extra exp to get, along with the Vitality bonus exp, plus a veteran exp-bonus potion.

Love it, now I can settle in at our guild house for good. I just need to find room for my I Love Me wall. Now all we need is placeable containers that have storage slots. (not to exceed max room storage, of course) The trunks could hold my SOGA Erudite junk.

Broker Window
It just keeps getting better and better.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

just to clarify they said that it may be possible at a -later time- to betray at any level, they aren't adding it in now.

Also another thing I want to point out.. are they going to be changing Darathir's text in the Fire and Ice quest to reflect the new "no boat" start of the game?

For those who don't know/remember he says something about how he his glad he saved you on (or with?) the boat so many months ago.

I'll post something about it in the forums later.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really believe all these changes in the lower levels is meant specifically at the large numbers of people in WOW. I don't know how many new games are on the horizon, but if they fail expectations, it might be EQ2 and WOW's space for some time, and the large number of WOW players will eventually burn out on their experience there, perhaps in one or two years and come looking for an alternative. SOE seems to want to be that alternative. I wonder how many of these WOW and EQ2 players have played both games for a duration of time. I doubt loyalty means anything to either company.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Teh Chunt said...

Yeah, LU19 is exciting. I haven't seen so much action on the test server since the combat revamp, and even then it wasn't so packed.

The island is soooo much better. I still had questions, like about the pirate's map stuff, bladefin, the cog quest and all, all of which didn't seem to exist (though I think some kind of bladefin is around...) Dissapointed that i couldn't really tradeskill, and at the last time i cheched test, no tutorial for crafting. I went down and tried to make upgrades for my spells (even had the assassian I made on test a month ago harvest loams from stones and malachite, then put em in shared slots), told i had invalid something or other, fuels, even though i had the right ingredients. Grrr...

I love the racial quests, love how everything ties together. SOE is expecting an influx of new people, and stuff like this will really help. Makes me happy to see the game improving so much. And with it, the EQ2 community is getting stronger. Now if they fix the pathing issues like they were promising, I'll be happier then Hwal with a new set of boots.

Bring on PvP!

1:53 PM  

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