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Monday, February 06, 2006

PvP Details

As you may know I am pretty excited about the prospect of rolling an alt on the PvP server, so I was happy to see some details made public. I know I'm really late on this one, but there has been so much going on.

If you haven't checked it out yet,
here is the info.

Now, I'm not going to comment much on what I've seen so far, because I feel things may change before the servers are actually implemented. And I am willing to give them a chance on this one and see how things play out.

If I have issues with the way PvP is going, I'll say so after I've actually experienced it.

The complaints on the official forums have been a bit much. I think that some people will not be happy unless they get Sullon Zek the Sequel. And hey, I was a Fansy fan too as you can see in
my second Friday Humor ever. But times change and things evolve. I'm willing to try something new.

I find it somewhat amusing that much of the forums firestorm relates to the level range restrictions while it is the health percentage rules that seem more questionable to me. But I don't even think the health percentage restriction is much of an issue. I happen to agree with the ban on cross-faction chat.

There has been a lot of hand wringing about the negatives people think they have found in the ruleset but really no mention of a pretty big positive, that players can actually get xp from PvP kills. That's a pretty big deal to me and pretty hard to pull off. I'm sure they could do a total free for all with no restrictions but also no real rewards. Is that really what you want? Some of the combat mechanics (i.e. taunt) also sound really well done.

On the whole I am even more excited about joining the battle for Norrath.

I will say to SOE that most of the people who roll on this server know what they are getting into, so don't be afraid to make things a little rougher. I'm hoping for at least a little loot action specifically.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt see the negative reactions.
But Posting on a WoW forums PVP side. Its had nothing but "Why cant Blizzard do that?"

You see you have a PVE generation and leetest pve players in EQ2 moaning.

What do you expect from PVE crowed?
The PvP forums I am in with other games such as WoW and Lineage 2 ..Love this "You will fight on fair terms" type of rule set.

The fact that people cant gank you mid fight and half dead with a Monster is great....but the griefers are crying....The Bitter PVE player who imagined being first to high level on server man handling everyone below him WHile he RUBS HIS LEET EGO...

The rule set covers most PVP problems:

Ganking Mid Mob pulling

Ganking someone fresh outa fight and near dead.

Zone in Ganking.

Newbie area lawnmowing nubs.

Obliterating Parties with there Leet lvl 60 in Rune EYe....

Jee wonder why they complain...read above...

I cant think of a pvp system that makes a rogue actually SNEAK up...vs walk up to you point blank and hit there I win button on your hide.

I love the fact I will fight someone in my level range that I can actually hit...maybe even win.

From Daoc,WoW,Lineage 2 to this comming soon PVP in eq2...

All the stuff I hated in other PVP games ...the rules of this new Eq2 system are pretty fair to me...allows more level playing field to pvp.

I dont know about you..I would prefer to fight someone and lose fighting hard...than getting one shoted and danced on by some high level....

And these rules ROCK....

the Nay sayers need to play LIneage 2 for a day ...and see what its like....hell WoW pvp....try leveling in Tauren Mill at 20....be sure to say Hello to the 20 Level 60's roaming around.

I'll be in eq2 fighting people near my level thankyou and not restricted to playing in a instance fight or waiting in Que "warcraft example. WHile they run a single large battle map over and over and over ...EQ2 pvpers will be fighting everywhere and anywhere.

Enjoy your never ending one map instance wowers...ill be sneaking around jungles and forests killing my enemy...you can keep your never ending single map for large scale pvp.

1:04 PM  

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