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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Humor: Best Of - User Created

The humor posts are my favorite ones to write but they are also the hardest to come up with. So, as I near the one year anniversary of Friday Humor, I'm going to be doing some "Best Of" posts to look back at some of my favorites and give me a chance to come up with good new stuff. It might also be an opportunity for new readers to check out some of the older material.

The first "Best Of" I'd like to do is a collection of the "User Created" humor posts. These are posts that relied on user contributions.


This was my very first user contribution post and one of my favorites. I paired some of my limericks such as:

Bill was a thief who did steal
The Overlord's own royal meal;
Lucan did appear
Bill quivered in fear
"/pizza for today's tasty deal!"

With user contributions such as this one by Flashman:

There once was a froglok named Jim;
To play one we had to find him.
We searched for months,
Checking every hunch,
Now Sony tells us he's not in!

Or this one from Dave on Mistmoore:

There once was a tall skinny elf
Who took his new wand from the shelf.
He didn't intend
To grab the wrong end
And ended up mezzing himself.


Sure Haikus can be beautiful and poetic, but they can also be funny. I started with some of my own:

Gentle deer, munching
on sweet Antonican grass;
quest says to stab you.


Sweet sunshine cat
I feed you tasty pepper,
Patches we still miss you.

And added some reader contributions like this one by Scotticus:

Phat Plat spent on new digs.
Nice neighborhood with low crime.
Damn non binding rule.

And even one submission by Moorgard:

Players wished me well.
I moved to design, nerfed them...
Now they hate my guts.

Raids & Raid Guilds by Narcissisa

This guest article wasn't actually a Friday Humor piece as it was mainly a look at the perceptions and reality of raid guilds. However, it included a top ten list that was so hilarious I had to include it here. Here's one:

"8. If you die in an instance, it means you’re incompetent. Reviving outside of the zone will announce to your guild how you feel without even having to say it. Quick communication in these things is always key."

Roses are Red...

This one was started off by Karnatos on the forums by posting this little ditty:

That mob cons Red
This one cons Blue
To get next Ding faster
Which mob should I do?

We started posting more such as this one by Warm_Machine:

I sit here in this dungeon,
slowly growing older.
It wouldn't be so bad,
if I knew which one was the place holder.

And I collected them all into a post with some of my own:

This group's going places!
All storms can we weather,
But, um, just in case
Better hand out the feathers.

EQII Definitions Returns

This was a sequel to my
EQII Definitions post which featured definitions such as "Malt: The discovery that you like your alt better than your main character." In the second post I collected some user submissions as well like this one by Twodragons:

Questshun: The act of finding a clickable item which opens a new quest, but declining it due to a full quest log. Then wondering if it was something you needed.

Or this one by Constance:

Barbie: Someone who carries around two bags full of outfits so they can change clothes at will. i.e. "She's such a barbie...her outfit always matches the decor of the zone."

Along with more of my own like:

Cronkite: A player who reports in group chat on every spell he or she casts, their damage numbers, and their mitigation and avoidance. Also breaks in with a special news bulletin every time their weapon procs.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Thanks to all the original contributors. I hope to do some more user contribution features soon.

If you're looking for fresh humor, check out this
list of applying MMO dynamics to real life (via Walkerings) or Coyote's latest on EQ2 Realm.


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