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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hasten Bootstrutter's True Travels in Norrath: Part III


10th Day of Warmstill

Think there are enough orcs here? I sure do.


23rd Day of Warmstill

Hmm, how can I put this. I didn’t try to rob a market stall. I definitely didn’t try to arrange an appointment with a Maj’Dul Courtesan using the money I stole. And I certainly didn’t get zapped by some lunatic mage on a flying carpet claiming he was “keeping the peace.” Nope. That stuff didn’t happen. But I’m not welcome in Maj’Dul anymore. I hope it crashes or whatever.

Sinking Sands

3rd Day of Busheldown

They call these people Dervish Lunatics and Dervish Madmen. But every single one of them has a flask of water. I have two copper and an empty bottle of Jum Jum Juice. Who’s the crazy one?


11th Day of Lastleaf

News flash: lava does not “burn off the shroud of failure that surrounds me.” It just burns.

Nektropos Castle

19th Day of Lastleaf

I was feeling lonely so I decided to check back in with Alexa. Maybe the “breakup” last time was really my fault.

Nektropos Castle

20th Day of Lastleaf

She tried to kill me again.


14th Day of Lastchill

When will I learn not to take stupid bets? 5 Gold to go skinny-dipping in the Fanged Sea. The bite from that giant shark might actually hurt if I could feel any of my extremities.

Qeynos – Baubleshire

13th Day of Deadening

Ah, home life. Honest work during the day and a good sleep at night. Yes, my wife came to her senses and took me back. Sure, she said it was only because her husband was killed by an Oakmyst Great Bear, but I like to think she realized her mistake. I’m finally content and able to find some peace in life.

Qeynos – Baubleshire

1st Day of Deepice

My wife made me promise I would never go traveling again and I agreed. But I never said I wouldn’t go exploring, hehe. I’ve been hearing rumors that Kelethin has been rediscovered…


Blogger Bandito said...

That Alexa is quite a temptress..

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Mantees said...

What?!? There are orcs in Zek?

8:10 AM  

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