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Friday, May 02, 2008

Evil Bloggers

This has nothing to do with gaming at all but the bloggers out there might find this ambush of Will Leitch (of the sports blog Deadspin) on Costas Now interesting. It was amazing to see the pure rage Bissinger, representative of the "old guard media," explodes with. This video is not safe for work, not because of the "vile blogger" but because of Bissinger's own profanity-laced diatribe. Even those who agree with his arguments (I don't) have to admit he did a terrible job by becoming just what he was railing against and turning Leitch into a martyr.

Video here.

It was so bizarre I actually found it more amusing then annoying. But I did get annoyed when Mad Dog Chris Russo (of Mike and the Mad Dog WFAN radio fame) got ambushed by Michael Strahan in the show's second segment (unfortunately not in the video). How can anyone not love the Mad Dog?


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