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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fitness Quest

"Hey, Aggro. People are playing video games in Central Park."


"Yeah. I swear...Southwest corner - a bunch of 'em. You should check it out."

"I'm already 20 minutes into my lunch hour."

"Do you accept this quest? Y/N?"


Can I make it there and back in time? Only one way to find out.


No, Apple Store - you will not tempt me today with the power of your giant glass cube! I will not be distracted!

The smell of horse manure and tourists lets me know I've reached Central Park! But I'm only at the Southeast corner! Gotta take it up a notch!

When Vaux and Olmsted designed the Park, they envisioned subtle entry ways. But as you can see from this look at the Merchant's Gate, other people had different ideas. If you remember your American history from high school, when taking that essay test about the Spanish-American War, you knew you could always mention "Remember the Maine!" and get some credit. Well, this statue, financed by none other then William Randolph Hearst, commemorates the Maine. Anyways...

My first clue...a sign of sorts!

Yes, it turns out the "video games" are all Wii Fit setups. Nintendo was apparently doing a giant demo in the park. They had a ton of "trainers" (the people in white tracksuits) luring passersby into trying Wii Fit.

They had a ton of Wii Fit setups, seriously. I even saw a few camera crews about.

I couldn't believe how many random people walking by they convinced to try these things. New Yorkers are trained to ignore everything they see or hear on the street and continue to their destination. But Nintendo had everyone trying the Wii Fit.

One of the employees told me they had a bunch of "celebrity trainers" in attendance as well. Sure enough, they started doing a demo over on the main stage. The woman pictured is apparently the "yoga trainer to the stars." I didn't catch her name.

She's actually not properly balanced in this pic as the red dot is not in the yellow circle (or something like that)...

So what did I learn on this quest? Everyone who was playing with the Wii Fit was having a great time, laughing constantly. I really enjoyed trying it too (I played the game where you try to tilt a marble into a hole).

Also, I should probably get out of my office and to the park more.

Quest complete.


Blogger Karnatos said...

Dude - what sort of loot did you get for completing the quest?

6:57 PM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Haha - actually you did get some phat lewtz...if you completed the wii fit training and took your ticket over to another table they gave you a bottle of water. Perfect for the walk back...woot!

7:58 PM  
Blogger warm_machine said...

LOVE Cental Park and LOVE the Apple cube! It's power is real. It made me fork over cash for an iPhone on launch day... the best souviner ever!

Great post too, Aggro. =)

/wishes he was in NYC

1:21 PM  
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