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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pirates of the Lukewarm Sea?

I haven't really been following Pirates of the Burning Sea so I was surprised to see Arkenor's comment in my Planetside post that PotBS had already merged servers.
Sure enough, I read about the mergers on Ark's Ark and Tobold's blog. So is the analogy Auto Assault and the game is in dire straits? Or is the analogy Eve and this is a game that will start off slow but build up a solid, loyal fanbase over time?
I've been reading the official forums (specifically this thread, which is cheerily entitled "Has server mergers stopped the player exodus?"). There definitely seem to be significant problems but there are also a lot of interesting design choices. Most people agree that the ship-to-ship combat is very good. It sounds like the UI was terrible on release, which is a major pet peeve of mine.
Reading about the game, good and bad, has piqued my curiosity to the point where I want to try it. But I think I'll let them get a couple more patches in first. I would expect the price of the game to drop as well.


Blogger Karnatos said...

Ahhh, Pirates of the Burning Sea.
I really had high hopes for this title; it had pirates, and all stuff related to pirates.
I made a decision to wait a bit before diving into this game though; I was back into EQII again, and having a lot of fun... but I digress. I had decided to wait a bit.
I ended totally dropping the idea of playing the game about two months after launch. People I knew were not interested in playing, which lessened the draw the game had for me... but it ended up being the negatives I read about the game, and the state it was in upon release, that finalized my decision.
You see Gaming Companies... I don't have much time to game anymore. If your games is not quite finished it is not really of interest to me anymore. I don't want to spend gaming time having to work around game deficiencies in order to have fun; it is becoming less excusable to me to have to deal with unfinished product.
Having said that, I personally don't know the state this game was in, and I based my decision on other people's impressions... but sadly, I am having to resort to game reviews and hearsay due to the game-time constraints that come with being and older gamer.
And having said that, it still saddens me that I did not play this game, and that it may be suffering... after all, it's got pirates! Yaarrrrrr!!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous paul said...

I played for about 1 month I think before I saw which way the wind was blowing. The problem with potbs is that it is impact pvp (and impact pve as it happens). You sink, you lose your ship and cargo. Also, because of the port capturing pvp also impacts pve (taxes on production). Obviously with that setup noone wants to go within 500 miles of any fight theres a remote possibility of losing with their best ships. PVPers obviously want to PVP as much as possible and leave the PVE to the carebears. You lose, you have to buy/build a new ship and money from lots can only be made at a finite rate. You lose too often too quickly youre broke and its PVE for cash, log off and wait, or find new game. The latter being a popular choice apparently.

11:50 AM  
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