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Monday, May 05, 2008

Mount and Blade

I've talked about Mount and Blade before so I thought I'd mention that version 0.950 has been released.

I still wouldn't call it polished and I'm not crazy about the graphics but the mounted combat is incredibly satisfying. I even love the sword and shield battles on foot - crazy fun.

The fact that the version number is so close to 1.0 makes me think that time is running out to grab this game for a mere 25 bucks. But check out the demo and see what you think.

I recommend starting out by doing tournament after tournament. It's a good way to gain some cash and renown and, more importantly, you really get the hang of the combat.

Trading seems a bit too easy and you can get pretty invincible with the right gear relatively quickly. But I find myself returning to this game quite a bit.

Did I mention that Mount and Blade is
very mod-friendly? There are some insane mods already and I bet they only get better.


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