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Monday, June 09, 2008

MMORTS Giveaway

The website Game Giveaway of the Day is currently featuring the MMORTS Saga. The game must be installed within the Giveaway of the Day timeframe.

Now, anyone can grab a free Saga account anytime they want so what's the big deal? Well, this giveaway is for the registered account. The free account has access to the market, pvp and other features locked. The registered account is the full, complete game and it usually costs $19.95. So that's what you're saving.

Be warned though, this is one of those games in which you are encouraged to buy booster packs. While you don't have to - it makes things a lot easier. You can play completely free forever, but most people will purchase booster packs at some point.

I tried this game for a few hours once before (with the free account) and I thought it needed work. But I'm not a fair judge since I don't like RTS games to begin with. It reminded me a bit of Pox Nora - with real time instead of turn-based play.

If you want further info, check out Saga's website, it's wikipedia page, or this interview.

I checked and it looks like they recently did another free giveaway involving FileFront.