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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Erollisi Day

I know a few people have been complaining about the Erollisi Day (Valentine's Day) quest, but I have to respectfully disagree.

Is it comparable to Frostfell or the Halloween events? Of course not. But not every holiday has to be a major extravaganza. I don't want to see the entire EQII team totally devoted to huge holiday events. And I honestly like the fact that this event was a simple one.

And yes, I realize there were issues on the first day with the NPC on some servers. But give it just a little bit of time. I did the quest on the first night and had no bugs. And this quest comes in the midst of server mergers and everything else that is going on in EQII, so I am willing to cut SOE a little slack.

I thought the quest itself was great. I loved how you could just ride or walk over the nodes to collect them. I don't recall doing that in any other quest I've done and it was quite fun. The rewards were excellent - suitably cheesy and enjoyable. You can also read the humorous lore
here and check out the corny forum fun here.

I enjoyed last year's Erollisi Day quest and I think this year's quest kept the Erollisi tradition going nicely.


Anonymous Quince said...

I enjoyed it as a brief diversion. As you say, not every holiday needs a giant Frostfell quest, but little seasonal/temporary things like this are amusing and keep the game interesting.

9:29 AM  
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