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Monday, May 01, 2006

Carnage Cooties Cured?

From the April 27th Update Notes:

- Carnage flagging will now only transfer to other players inside city zones.

I know a lot of people did not enjoy the Carnage flagging system. But is this a good thing?

Archonix had
this to say on the subject:

The original intent of Carnage Flagging was to allow PvP within the city walls, with the idea that the defending city could protect their town regardless of the aggressors level. The viral part kicks in to allow the aggressors to attack back, and so on and so forth. Instead of having the flags drop when you leave the city, and giving players the ability to bounce back and forth to avoid the penalty, we went with a 15 minute timer. It was supposed to be something that you chose to take part in, but this obviously is not what we have occurring today.

Within the next few days, we're going to make a slight modification to the system. Carnage Flagging will no longer be viral outside of the cities. If you choose to become flagged within a city, and wander outside, you'll still be open to attack by anyone of the opposing alignment. The only difference now is that they will not become flagged for attacking you.

Positives to Carnage Flagging:

It made the world feel a little more dangerous.

When you were flagged, you really felt like you were on the run until your timer wore off. This contributed to some fun.

Negatives to Carnage Flagging:

I think the majority of players never really understood the mechanic.

In the beginning, it was way too viral in nature. Too many players were carnage flagged. This was rectified to some extent already through changes to the way the timer worked.

It never felt like it had anything to do with cities at all, which was its original stated purpose.

People loved to exploit the system by "tricking" other players into becoming carnage flagged and then killing them. I don't know that this is a negative but it did become less of a clever trick and rather old after a while.

So what is the state of carnage flagging now?

It feels like a "criminal" type system. By that I mean that if you kill someone within the cities and become flagged, you become a sort of "criminal" who is fair game to be hunted down by all. What's more there are now no repercussions for hunting that player outside of the city walls. I don't know if that fits the "city defense" idea behind the system. However, you could just stay in the city limits and wait for it to wear off. I honestly haven't seen much combat within the cities thus far in the first place.

I can't say I'm sorry to see carnage flagging limited, but part of me will miss it. I guess it's one of those things where I'll have to see how it plays in the game before I make any final judgments.


Blogger Karnatos said...

I have to say that I am rather disappointed overall with the whole PvP-in-the-City mechanics.

I strolled right into Qeynos with my Freeport PvP character and I was able to stroll around the hamlets there without any repercussions. I visited them all - including the Eldar Forest and other outskirts; I'm sure the guards would have attacked me had I not been invisible, but I expected players to be able to jump me... But no! They were not even attackable by me, and as far as I can tell they could not attack me either - why not?Afterall, I'm a Freeport citizen inside the walls of Qeynos; I should have been a Kill-On-Sight target!

I really expected there to be mayhem; I didn't even expect to be able to get much farther than a few feet from the entrance the hamlets.

I hope they revamp the PvP system to make entering the opposing city more dangerous than it currently is, because as-is right now it is a joke.

I'm loving the remainder of the PvP system as it is currently implemented, I'm hoping this is the first of changes that makes entering the opposing city's fortified walls more of an exciting event - because right now its a bit of a bore.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Teh Chunt said...

Overall, I say hooray for the change, since Carnage was just a griefing tool so that L40, 50, and 60s could roll around Cl or Ant with a flagged L20 and run riot over the population there.

I would make 1 change to the whole system that would immediately make things better: enable a new command when talking to a guard, called follow. it would make a guard follow you for 30-60 seconds. You could then take said guard over to where the enemy idiot is /yawning and /laughing. Said guard chops invader into pieces. Other ways this could work, to avoid an exploit like Freep friend pulls guard away so Q can enter, would be limiting this to 1 guard in the zone following at a time, or the command materializes another guard, even level with the one you talked to, to follow you. Or you can just give a /patrol command, and the guard patrols the city for the invader. In this way, cities are no longer safe havens. The enemy fights the guard, gets flagged, and can be killed. Or, more likely, they run from zone to zone, /crying instead of /yawning.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Wizzel said...

There was a level 14 and a level 55 'sploiting the carnage flag in the Graveyard so that the 55 would kill anyone who attacked the (flagged) 14 would instantly die. And when I went to kill the 55, he fled to Stonestair Byway. The guards didn't attack him, he couldn't be attacked even though he fled 'dishonoraby,' according to the little popup message, and we (the Freeps in SB) crowded around him til he went AFK.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Karnatos said...

This is the sort of thing I am talking about - to me, if you are a Qeynosian hanging out in Freeport... you're going to get what's coming to you (and vice-versa).

As things stand right now, its hard to believe from an RP standpoint that this person would find a safe haven in the Stonestair Byway.

I think this needs to be addressed, because I've seen this sort of thing abused more than once, and more than twice ;)

4:46 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

funny i know that was the orginial intent of "City Pvp". But then they renamed it to "Carnage PVP" stating that it's a more suitable name. Now then why would they go back to City PVP the way it was supposed to be and yet ignore it as if they didn't think of it as a world PVP. something jumped in SOE's pants that's for sure

1:03 PM  

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