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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scouring Expansion Tidbits

I spent a bit of time this weekend on the forums seeing what additional news I could come up with concerning Echoes of Faydwer. I guess I'm going to have to start calling it EoF because I'm lazy. Or hmm, maybe Echoes. Anyway, here's what we have:

Some Good (and Evil) Info on the Fae from Lotus:

"New Fae characters will start out Neutral.

The Fae are smaller then Gnomes when not hovering.

The Fae found in those screen shots are still in early development.

The Fae can appear cute or dark depending on how you customize your character."

Moorgard adds this:

"There are many different varieties of faerie folk, some of which other races might consider feminine and others that they would not. The Fae are a specific race that developed on Faydwer when... well, such things you'll learn about in time. "

Blackguard gives a definitive answer on the level cap and a rough launch date:

"It isn't due out until mid-November, and we've been working on it a while. There aren't 10 more levels in this expansion. It's a level 1-70 expansion."

Blackguard on Cloaks:

"As others have said, cloaks will have their own, new equipment slot. They will indeed be visible cloaks--we've stated before that we wouldn't add them unless they showed up on characters. We've also hinted at some other things, including higher quality (cooler) cloaks as you progress."

Blackguard tells us not read to much into screenshots:

"That's likely the result of characters that don't actually have normal skills. It looks like the person who made the video had the bow equipped in the primary hand rather than the ranged slot, which can happen if a character doesn't have a class (i.e. it can't happen in the game, just when we script things)."

Lyndro on Content

"We count zones a litte differently than you all do. Remeber we said that KoS would have "over 10" zones (Or something like that), so bear that in mind when you see "over 20". We want there to be content for everyone to experience on Faydwer, however we know that currently there is a good amount of content for people 1-50 (or 1-60), but the content thins out a good bit 60-70. The AP will help some of that, Faydwer will as well. I won't be so naive as to say that we're looking to please everyone, but we are aware of where our content is thin. I know this doesn't answer your question, and you'll probably have to wait a few months before anyone answers your question, perhaps beta... I'm sure by the time the NDA is lifted everyone will know anyway. However if you are worried about finishing too soon, I can impliment the final raid, I have some more "fun" puzzles in mind that won't be able to be beaten until shortly before the next expansion launches (This is a joke... and a jab at myself...).

As for being dead set at not letting people persue a playstyle, I can tell you that we are not "dead set against providing ample amounts of raid content to those players who choose to persue such a playstyle". Remember that there are lots of playstyles though, there are people who like to see everything and start lots of alts, and really dislike doing the same content over and over, there are people who like to group, who like to quest, who like to solo, who like to piece together stories, people who want X(y) Raids, People who want new levels (They are already mad), Tradeskillers, etc., so yours is not the only group that needs new content to fit their needs. I can guarantee you that Faydwer isn't going to be exactly what every player wants out of an expansion for EverQuest II (If I said - Ok, we're putting in 5 contested raids, and 4 weekly raid instances, I guarantee you that someone else would be in here demanding 42 new Woodworking recipies. Although more than 5 contested raids and more than 4 weekly raid instances is probably a pretty safe bet, I imagine you are talking about Top tier level 70 raids).

In closing - We are aware of what you want, and we aren't ignoring it, but we can't guarantee everyone exactly what they want, but we'll try."

Freedom of Movement is Good

"Yes, you will be able to jump (or fall) off of bridges and platforms in Kelethin. Most people in most situations will die a horrible death from the rapid impact with the, rather hard, forest floor below. One of Gallenite's demands for Kelethin was the ability to jump (or fall) from Kelethin, so it is so."

I don't usually do straight news posts like this but I thought it might be helpful to aggregate some expansion info. So there you have it.


Anonymous Gordon said...

Great post - nice to read some concise, factually information about this stuff.

I'm quite excited about EoF now. Initially, I wasn't happy with the Fae race but I do admit I like the sound of being able to make them cute and good or dark and evil.

Cloaks will also be really cool and I'm stoked that they are being introduced. One of my favourite things about DAOC was the guild cloaks and I'm sure it will be fun on the PvP servers (which I currently play on).

I'm also really happy that they are doing a 1-70 level expansion. I'm surprised they held off for so long.

So, overall, high hopes and this could really be THE Kunark expansion of EQ2.

Just a pity we need to wait 6 months.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Cordanim said...

Looking forward to this expansion...not sure I'll run out and roll up a fairy, but looks like there will be lots to do...

And don't worry about the 6-month wait...we have summer to look forward to :)

7:35 AM  

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