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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Test Update 24

The notes are here.

I've discussed the new Betrayal system before but it sounds excellent. I love the fact that its a faction based system which is much more realistic. I also like the option to betray at any level. And the Exile stuff sounds quite good. Exiles will not have all the benefits of a regular city, which is as it should be.

I totally understand people being upset about the spell issues (reduction to App I's) when betraying. It hits those who are max-level especially hard. But there have to be some negative consequences to betrayal. And you have to reduce the spell levels to App I's when you switch classes because doing otherwise wouldn't make sense. And if you're doing that, why should the people who have to switch classes be penalized more than those who don't?

I'm torn on the access quest removals. I really enjoy access quests. I like to see people work for things and not just have access handed to them. With the major zones I could understand, but is it really necessary to remove access quests to smaller instances?

But I will give a counter argument. I've honestly never been to a lot of zones on that list. And I'm sure a lot of people like me never bother to do access quests for every zone. So there's a lot of content going unused. Maybe the numbers SOE have showed that a vast majority of players were not ever going to these zones. (I don't mean Nek Castle obviously, I mean places like the Vestibule or the Lair of the Necromancer which I've never heard of).

But to give a counter to that counter - some of these zones are really "rewards" and not actual zones. You do the access quest for the reward of getting the loot in a small instance. Just giving access to that zone would defeat the purpose.

Back in
July of 2005 I talked about how memorable the Zek access quest was for me. And it was really a shared experience for most players. But then there is the issue of repetitiveness as you go through the same access quests on your alts over and over. However, these are smaller zones you really don't have to visit.

In the end I think this change is too sweeping. For most of these zones only one group member needed access anyway. For more commentary
check our forums. And don't forget this may change before it goes live.

P.S. There's no access requirement to RoV. They probably mean CoI in RoV.

"Tradeskill societies have been removed."

I found these pretty pointless. It will be much more convenient to enter any tradeskill instance. And it will be a lot less confusing to new players. If I felt these societies had any narrative depth in the game, I wouldn't care about confusing new players. But since they don't, may as well be rid of them.

I really don't want to bog this blog down with class specific stuff, especially since I'm probably biased. I may comment but I'll wait to see the final changes.


Blogger Surbrin FireSlinger said...

I like the removal of access for the lower level instances because then I can xp easier on a PvP server. And to make a comment about the Lair of the Necromancer, I plan to go to Nek Forest and head in there as soon as I can to see what the lvl range is. (I never knew where to get the access quest before). On another note, I don't know if I like people being able to enter every tradeskill society. On a pvp server, the range in there is 8 lvls and I felt safe in my higher lvl tradeskill place with all my coin, but knowing that people can come in there I don't know what to do about it anymore. Especially if there is the rare chance that I zone out to fight in the town then go back in flagged. It could become a little crazy in there...

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the fact that tradeskills zones are not safe. It will put more value on the items. Nothing should come easy on the pvp servers! nothing!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Geth said...

I enjoyed doing the access quests. I thought they were a lot of fun and added to the game. There was an access quest for the back door of RoV.


1:36 PM  
Anonymous Tipa said...

Lair of the Necro access quest was given in the Qeynos camp on Behemoth Island.

I hate the troubador changes. Mezzing and charming are the bread and butter of my life as a post-50 troub. I love the current long-lasting charmed pets; they fight for you if you get hit - perfect for soloing. It's nice that they will be able to be commanded for the few seconds they are charmed, and that it will no longer take concentration, but... writs are a LOT easier with a pet.

Mezzing... well, that is important as well, but people break mezzes all the time already...

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you played EQ 1 PoP expansion you know just how silly they can get with access quests. I'm encouraged by news like this from the SOE collective.

Now go find somebody who plays a scout and give them a hug, they need one!

4:10 PM  
Blogger warm_machine said...

It's a catch 22 for me. I liked the feeling of accomplishment when finally got to set foot in Zek and EL. I was equally frustrated with having to do the quests because I had to find a PUG to help me out then.

I think the compromise is to continue to have access quests, but not for every frickin' zone. That list of zones that had an access quest associated with it was a bit long.

If it's worth going to repeatedly, then give it an access quest. If you'll only be there once, just keep it simple, and make the mobs hard.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Teh Chunt said...

Keep in mind, folks, that the tradeskill instances are still in the city, and are subject to the same rules as combat in any part of the city, flagging and all that. So If you're sitting there tradeskilling away for 5 hours, you have nothing at all to fear. You can't be attacked.

If they made it like an outdoor zone, where people could be attacked freely, 3 things would happen: 1) there would be mass bloodshed in the instances at first, as raids rolled in to smoke everyone. 2) the price of tradeskilled goods, already higher then PvE servers, would skyrocket. 3) Most serious tradeskillers will roll low-level alts who stay under L10, and can't be attacked anyway.

So for the most part, this change will only make tradeskilling easier by allowing people to use any instance. Although battles there of flagged people would be pretty fun, despite the railings around the large falls.

As for scouts, large blow. On most servers, scouts are the least played archtype. On PvP servers, they are very common. This will hit the pvp servers hardest, and may change some tactics. As I already bitched about in the forums, the change to cheap shot is the worst part of it. And I don't understand nerfing bard mezzes and charms, but still giving them the best breeze in the game. I wouldn't mind seeing them keep a decent charm, but give Enchanters better breeze. and Illusions.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is possible, but maybe you have to do the access quest once; then you unlock it for your alts. Like the froglok quest. Don't know if it's doable, but that would keep the access quests, and release the need to do it again with all alts.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently started playin an assasin and love the class. HUGE potential for damage. Problem is, that its all based on stealth. Every single hard hitting spell i have ,oncce combat has been started, requires me too be in stealth.
Its already a pain to fight heroics and 1 up mobs since i only get a 2 sec stun which isnt enough time to stealth adn get behind them. Now there making my one and only stun (at least at the under 40 lvl) a 4 sec stun on everyone. What sucks is this is stricly due to PVP crap and im not on a PVP server.
So that mean soloing will be even harder now. 6 secs was enough time if u were realllllllly quick to get off two stealthed based attacks. But u have to be REALLLLLLLLLY quick. Now i got to move quick to sleath and get behind the mob just to get my long cast big hit spell off only once.
This is what PVP does to a game built on PVE. Balence casuses the people who PVE to get screwed. IF i want to PVP i go play wow. I cam here to PVE, stop screwing me.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one quick update to the my previosu post about tje assassin. If i didnt have to stealth to get my abilities off(kinda like the brigand) this wouldnt hurt so bad. But being that no in combat stealth that i have(i may get one later)is instant, the time it takes to get into stealth whicle im moving behind or to the side fo the target is what makes this so bad. 4 secs is more than enough time to get behind someone and get off tow moves but not when u have to stealth.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous kittygoespotty said...

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7:08 AM  

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