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Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Humor: The Importance of Being Uber

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I usually try to write some original stuff for Friday Humor but this week I ran across a piece that I thought was so funny I wanted to focus this post solely on it.

It's actually a double reblog, because I'm stealing the link from Krones.

The humor in question is a hilarious post entitled "How to be an MMORPG Snob." I'll give you a little taste:

"But lack of sleep is the sacrifice that is demanded for grandeur. Caesar must have felt this same rush, and Pompey, and Hannibal, and Napoleon, and Patton, and now you feel it too—from the comfort of your couch. So don’t let any of the hoi polloi tell you that you aren’t in the same league as those great generals. Truth be told, you are actually greater. War was so much easier back in those days, and their simple tactics and plans for storming the beach of Normandy, laying siege to Antioch, and conquering the world and the high seas didn’t require as much forethought and management as say, an Onyxia or Avatar of War raid. Indeed, what you are doing is more important."

It only gets better and there's pictures as well.

I suggest you read Krones' intro first because he has some hilarious additions himself.

"My guild is so hardcore that we watch raid videos of ourselves and recongratulate each other over the drops we whored with our hundreds of million of dragon slayer points after our daily 14 hour mandatory play sessions."

You can find it here.

The post actually appears on the Flowers of Happiness guild page which I linked all the way back in March in what was only my second Friday Humor ever. That post was a discussion of that greatest of comedic heroes, Fansy the Famous Bard.

Can you imagine a world where MMO players are truly revered in the fashion discussed in the MMORPG snob post? Let's take a look:

On the Set of Inside City Hall

Dominic: Well, today's guest is Jim Smith, who is currently the candidate leading the polls in the race for the Mayor of the City of New York. Now, Jim, you have absolutely no political experience. How do you think you're qualified to run this city?

Jim: When you say no political experience, you're not taking into account my eight years of service as the Leader of the Flying Dragons Guild. I guided our Guild to dominance on the LightKnight Server. As I'm sure your viewers know, we defeated every raid put before us with style and grace. My motto is, "A fabled item in every household!"

Dominic: But how do you defend your refusal to allow alts in the Guild as full fledged members?

Jim: You're not seeing the big picture. My handling of the infamous drama-bomb of 'o5, in which my top female officer was revealed to be actually a man, is legendary.

Entertainment Tonight

Ted: Well, it looks like Brad and Angelina are no more. Angelina Jolie was spotted canoodling with a mystery man at fabled NYC hotspot, Bungalow 8.

Mary: Wow, she's cheating on Brad Pitt? That's crazy.

Ted: Maybe not, Mary. We've learned that the mystery man is indeed UburTank, the top ShadowKnight on the Bloodmore Server. He has a full set of Irridium Armor and is first on the Server in Kills per Death Ratio.

Mary: Sorry, Brad, there's no way you can compete with that.

Well, we can dream, right?


Blogger supernoob said...

Funny stuff, bud. Uh...btw....I think I broke the forums :( I didn't mean to, but I was posting and they crashed... Well actually it could be uberposting Anskiere, he was on there at the same time I think...yeah, yeah it was definitely Anskiere. Him and his 14bazillion posts.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

Hey now! :D

12:16 PM  

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