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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Humor: Search Me

Edit: Not humor but I just noticed the first impressions from CES of Kingdom of Sky are up over at Gamespot and I wanted to let you know. Also, the current poll on the EQII official forums is pretty funny. In-depth expansion commentary next week.

Back in the days when I was reading blogs and not blogging myself, I always thought that when bloggers reprinted a list of the strange search terms people used to find their sites it was a sure sign of laziness and lack of creativity. I'll never do that, I promised myself.

And now, an exciting new feature, humorous search terms that people used to find Aggro Me! These are all real phrases people typed into Google, Yahoo or some other search engine that somehow led them to Aggro Me.

eq2 how to play a monk
Step 1: Roll a guardian. Just kidding!

emo mage wow
Uh oh, the new WoW class is the Emo Mage? All I ever do is summon water and listen to Dashboard Confessional! Why did my virtual girlfriend leave me?

morgan webb bra size
I'm going to go with 34 C.

charge card humor
Haha, yeah - nothing funnier than charge card humor! Okay, I'll try: A thief stole a man's credit card. The wife didn't report it because the thief was spending less than her husband usually did! I'll be here all weekend...

ultima online torch dupe
People are still looking for dupes in UO?

can hydras talk?
Can they ever. The problem is getting them off the phone.

wow powerleveling techniques
Install game. Play for 2 weeks. Reach max level. Profit.

virtual talking monkey buddy
Delete internet now.

how to build f**k machines
Ah, my target audience.

chinese powerleveling pdf guide
Even if you found it...could you read it?

stuff that pops up and scares you to death

nintedogs can they sleep
If you don't feed them for several weeks they take a long nap.

/pizza hut command lineage ii

gedran removes his dwarven hand cannon
I get this one but it is still funny.

eq2 gambling goblins exploit
everquest 2 goblin gambling game hack
This makes me wonder if there is one.

secret code to receive my murloc pet

nurse what is the status of the boy who swallowed the quarter?
These are the ones that keep me up at night. How about calling the hospital or something and not reading Aggro Me?

cure for constant coughing
Again, try a doctor not an Everquest II blog.

open up teddy ruxpin
Now I'm just scared.

Bonus Humor:

If you have had problems with the Elfin Snowball Satchel or just want a laugh then check out this
great comic on the official forums by Culgar.

Reblogged from
mmodig: MMORPGs in a Nutshell (strong language).

Edited to add one more reblog: via AFK Gamer, a brilliant and hilarious WoW forums post.

A quick note to welcome back Cosmik, who has started posting again over at n3rfed. I always enjoy his writing and I'm glad to see that he is back.

The Former Mourning Dev Interview Quote of the Week:

"A: The non-smoker asked him politely to stop smoking at his desk, because it disturbs him and he should smoke in the balcony (in romania smoking in public places is forbidden, and an office shared by more members is public space) So Ado blows some smoke toward the other man, direction and suggests him that if he has a problem with the smoke, _he_ should go on the balcony. Because it was his desk and he does what he likes.."


Blogger Matt W. said...

I liked it, plaguelands sees it fair share of deviant perverts, some of the search terms downright get me excited, er I mean disgusted. One funny search term from yesterday was, "how to survive prison."

I'm working on a FAQ as I type this, it's all about branching out to different niches in your audience.

-this krones guy who hides behind his real name, what a loser.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Funniest Job Interview Contest said...

If you have one of your own funny interview stories you can join ICT's "Funniest Interview Video Contest" and you may win a Grand Prize of $1,000

12:20 AM  

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