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Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Humor: Cheers

GameDaily recently created a rather funny drinking game for E3 press conferences.

But where is the MMO action? I've risen to the challenge and created a drinking game for MMO press releases.

Take a sip if the game is described as a "next generation MMO."

Take 5 tiny sips if "microtransactions" are mentioned.

Take a sip if getting into the beta requires you to subscribe to a magazine or a web site.

Take a sip if the setting is described as "unique." Down your drink if said unique setting has elves in it.

Remove the label from your drink if in-game advertising is mentioned.

Take a sip if the graphics are described as "cutting edge."

Take a sip if WoW is referenced.

Take a sip if the game is described as "innovative." Down your drink if said innovative system is based on the Tank/Healer/DPS trinity.

Take a sip if the game is PvP-centric and promises a "completely new" form of PvP.

Take a sip if the game has dragons in it. Two sips if you can play as a dragon.

Take a sip if the world is said to be "evolving" or "dynamic."

Down the bottle if perma-death is mentioned.
But hey, you might get bored while browsing the official EQII forums and need to drown your sorrows. I have a game for you as well!

Take a sip whenever WoW is mentioned in a post that's complaining about something in EQII.

Take a sip when someone claims that SOE "hates their customers."

Take a sip whenever someone says they are only playing EQII until Vanguard comes out. Finish your drink if they say they can't wait until Vanguard comes out to be done with SOE forever.

Take a sip whenever someone calls SOE "$OE" or refers to them bowing before the "almighty dollar."

Take a sip whenever Blackguard makes a pirate joke or uses pirate terminology.

Take a sip when a poster replies to a previous poster's argument by making snide commentary on their guild rather then addressing the argument itself.

Take a sip when someone refers to someone else as a "fanboi."

Take a sip whenever the title of a post is a variation on "Dev's look here!!!!"

Take a sip whenever a poster refers to paying the dev's salaries.

Take a sip whenever someone who doesn't play on Test posts in the Test forums. Hope you have big drink.

Take a sip when someone references the "last straw."

Take a sip whenever you think Moorgard looks at a post and regrets ever posting that DPS tiers thing. May as well finish your drink now.

Take a sip whenever someone refers to the "good ole days" of EQ or early EQII.

Take a sip whenever someone starts a thread that is identical to the one directly below it.

Take a sip whenever a poster prefaces their post with a lengthy intro discussing their l33t gaming history to give themselves "street cred."

Take a sip if five minutes go by without a new NGD thread.


And since E3 just passed, here are some of the best E3 related YTMND's. I know these are not for everyone but I'm a fan of the site.

Chunk at the PS3 News Conference

Breaking News: Cloud in the New Super Smash Game!

Blizzard Owned at E3

A Take on the Lore of Burning Crusade

Guess Who's Back at E3?

good line by Lyndro on the EQII forums. It definitely got a chuckle out of me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah...this would kill you even when playing it for one of those browser mini games ;)


PS@Aggro: You're getting lazy! During the last 4 or 5 months you've failed me several times. I'm used to get up about 6:00 GMT+1, fix myself a coffee and, still being in zombie-mode, stumble to my desk in order to find something new in this blog. You've failed me at least 3 times during the last couple of weeks! Every time this happens I sit stuned, unable to move on, torn out of my daily routine. Shame on you ;)

PPS: And I don't even play eq2 anymore (at the moment)^^

12:44 AM  
Anonymous RadarX said...

Very funny man. I would have added "Take a sip every time someone says a game "will topple WoW." Also, "Take a sip whenever someone posts a complaint in the Community News forum."

Good one as always.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... I thought you liked me when we met at FF and here you are trying to give me alcohol poisoning. Bad Aggro! Bad! Bad! Baaaaaad! ;)


12:27 PM  
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