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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lore Quest

There were recently some mysterious goings on in Nek Castle. Hey, I always expect mysteries in Nek Castle, or the Scooby Doo zone as I affectionately call it. But this quest was special, as you can see for yourself by reading this quote by Vhalen:

"This quest is the beginning of something I always wanted to add... Forum Quests based on lore discussed on the board. I hope to add more in the future. The next is already planned. I will always notify a few of the lore forum participants before it is released. They will not always be the same ones that were clued in before. Not all of the forum quests will be as difficult, or easy, as this one. But I do plan to add more. The purposes behind these quests are to reward those that follow lore, (especially little-known lore), and provide clues to new mysteries. If you are looking for weapons and armor forged by the gods, look elsewhere. These quests are for those that seek knowledge and not riches."

My only real comment is: bravo. What a great way to build the lore of the game and reward those who are well versed in it. While I didn't participate in the quest myself, those who did certainly sound like they enjoyed it. Not everyone is a lore junkie, but why not give those who are some additional fun? And something like this might even create a few lore junkies out of people who weren't that interested in lore beforehand. Plus, it connects the forums directly with the game and helps build community.

I have two posts I'm working on about lore so keep an eye out for those. But a great job by Vhalen for this innovative quest.

And right now it seems like one of my favorite NPC's, Sir Tatters, is in the mix so check Vhalen's
latest post out.


Anonymous Brett said...

I completed the quest late last week - it's VERY well done. Even with everything grey, it's well worth the hour you'll put into running around doing everything to complete it. It's stuff like this that keeps my interest in the game very much alive.

9:18 PM  

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